Understanding the Process

Once you have seen your physician, we will work together step-by-step to assure a smooth pathway to receiving your mobility equipment.

The Process

You will work with one of our intake coordinators and provide some information about yourself and your insurance provider. We’ll use this information to run a verification check with your health insurance for eligibility and benefits. Once verified, we’ll connect you with an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) who will work closely with you throughout the entire process.

Once we receive a prescription from your physician, our RESNA-certified ATP or NRRTS-credentialed CRT specialists will meet you at your home for a wheelchair assessment. The ATP will take your measurements and carefully review your functional and mobility needs in order to custom configure a solution that will also take into consideration your indoor and outdoor environments (home, work, school and community). Remote evaluation options are also available in response to COVID-19.

The ATP will use details from your in-home evaluation and therapy evaluation to design a custom-configured wheelchair. The rehab technology components needed to configure your wheelchair base and seating system can often come from multiple manufacturers. Once your ATP has configured your custom wheelchair, our team compiles the documentation and sends it to your Physician for concurrence.

Once the mobility system is configured, the most time-consuming step is getting authorization from your insurance. Health insurance requires the collection of a large amount of information for documentation by your health care providers.

Once we have all the documentation required by your insurance, we carefully review everything to make sure it meets the payer’s coverage criteria. A prior authorization request is then submitted to your insurance requesting approval to provide the equipment and services. In most cases, the approval process is smooth and timely. If there is a denial, it is typically a temporary obstacle to overcome! Your ATP and therapy team will work together to achieve a resolution for the denial.

Once we have insurance authorization, we order your equipment. If you have a copay, our customer service representative will contact you to inform you of your copay amount and discuss the methods of payment.

Once we receive all the parts from the manufacturer, we assemble your wheelchair and then test it to make sure that everything functions properly. More complex chairs may take a week or longer to process and arrive. Once your equipment is ready, the ATP will contact you to schedule delivery. During delivery, we’ll make the necessary adjustments if there are any. There will be training for everyone involved regarding the equipment’s maintenance and use.