Complex Manual Wheelchairs

The Assistive Technology Professionals at Alliance Rehab and Medical Equipment will work with you to make sure your custom manual wheelchair fits your body and your needs. 

Complex Manual Wheelchairs

Our team evaluates complex manual wheelchairs on an individual basis so that the wheelchair conforms to the individual rather than the individual conforming to the wheelchair. Complex manual wheelchairs are more functional because they are as lightweight as possible while maintaining durability. These types of wheelchairs offer an adjustable configuration so we can change it to match your ongoing medical and lifestyle changes.  A complex manual wheelchair can accept many different types of back and cushion options in order to provide the best fit and support possible. There are three categories of complex custom manual wheelchairs with a number of available accessories: 

  • Ultra-Lightweight Folding Complex Wheelchairs
  • Ultra-Lightweight Rigid Complex Wheelchairs
  • Tilt-in-Space Positioning Complex Wheelchairs

Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs come in a variety of options depending on specific needs and goals.  Manual wheelchairs offer a portable option and are typically manually propelled, either by the user or a caregiver. The different options are unique to each individual’s scenario.

Lightweight manual wheelchairs are appropriate for an individual who has difficulty walking with a cane or walker and is unable to push the wheels of a standard wheelchair themselves. The lightweight manual wheelchair offers a lighter weight option than the standard wheelchair with choices of a lower seat-to-floor height and additional seat sizes.  Lightweight manual wheelchairs also can be fitted with a cushion and/or back to meet your specific needs. The staff at Alliance Rehab and Medical Equipment is trained to assist in the selection of an appropriate lightweight manual wheelchair to meet your unique mobility and seating needs.

Assistive Technology Professional (ATP)

The majority of funding sources for Complex Rehab Services, including Medicare, require an ATP be involved in the evaluation and selection process of complex rehab equipment. Assistive Technology Professionals are individuals credentialed to match your technology needs and your mobility and environmental goals to the appropriate complex rehab equipment and adaptive devices. Our ATPs partner with you from the evaluation process through delivery of your complex manual wheelchair. The ATP will work with your healthcare professional to assure your specific needs are matched to the appropriately customized equipment. Your ATP will be available for any of your questions during the funding approval process, individualized fitting during your delivery of equipment, and follow-up regarding performance after the delivery.

Committed to Excellence

At Alliance Rehab and Medical Equipment, we are committed to not only providing you the equipment you need but also making sure it fits your body and your lifestyle. Our highly trained professional team goes above and beyond because they are a group of deeply caring and compassionate people committed to helping you achieve mobility and the life that matters to you.

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